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How HVAC Repairs Are Usually Caused By a Lack of Proper Homeowner Maintenance

About two-thirds (or more) of homes have an air conditioner. It is often mistakenly called an AC unit. However, it is actually a heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit. It is important to maintain a machine with so many atmosphere-changing functions. HVAC repairs don’t have to be an emergency. There are some DIY home comfort maintenance tips that can prevent the need for emergency repairs.

HVAC Repairs: What to do before your unit shows problems.

If you are not an HVAC technician, you will likely be baffled by the idea of HVAC maintenance. It is important that you hire a professional to schedule your unit. Unexpected breakdowns are much less likely when your machine is being regularly inspected. An air conditioner breakdown can make your home very uncomfortable during the summer months. With regular maintenance, you can prevent AC breakdown and keep your HVAC service running smoothly.

Here are the Checkups Technicians Will Perform.

The technician might use the following terms to describe what to do: calibrate thermostat, blower motor test to determine amperage; inspect and lubricate bearing; flush condensate drain and treat algae; and several other steps that will not be very important but can make a huge difference to your HVAC unit. If these steps are not taken, it could be cold winter. According to HVAC technicians, 75% of all no-heat call calls are caused by homeowners not prioritizing maintenance. Keep your furnace running by performing regular maintenance.

HVAC Repairs: If Things Break, Even with Regular Inspections.

Problems can arise if the unit is not being serviced regularly. Filters, tubing, liquids and other parts make up each unit. They are not able to clean themselves. Each unit can be affected by a jammed filter, worn tubing or low fluid levels. This could cause it to fail at its best and eventually break down. A leak in one of your ducts can cause 20% to 40% loss of energy.

Our air conditioners are great for keeping us cool in hot weather. A reliable HVAC unit can keep winter chill at bay. This can only be achieved if your HVAC unit is maintained properly. Set up an appointment to have your HVAC unit checked by a technician today. Next, create a schedule to perform regular inspections. This simple step will ensure that your unit runs smoothly for many years and you will not have to deal with the hassle of an air conditioner breakdown.

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